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Crate Attachment

Attach the playTach crate attachment to upgrade your existing dog crate. Attaches to most dog crates. No need to buy a new crate, use the one you already have

Talk To Your Pup

Use the mic on the puppy cam to talk to your pup and engage with them when you're not at home

See Your Pup

Use the puppy cam to check in on your puppy when you're not at home

Dispense Food and Water

Use the playTach attachment to give you pup food and water from the mobile app. Refill your dispenser every few days to keep food and water stocked

App Controlled

Control the cage lock, food and water dispenser and puppy cam all from the mobile app

playTach Crate Attachment - Level Up Your Dog Crate

Take your dog crate to new heights with the only dog crate attachment that has it all - puppy cam, food dispenser, 100% mobile app control

Mobile Control

Control every feature of your playTach from the mobile app, no matter where you are


Keep your pup engaged with the playTach puppy cam. See your pup in real time and let them hear your voice, all through the app

Interplay - everything we do
we do it with love

Keep Your Puppy Engaged

Keep your puppy engaged with the puppy cam and audio. See your pup and talk to them from anywhere on your mobile device

More Control Of Your Cage

Take back control of your pup's cage with unlock control to let your pup out when they need to be free

Food and Water When Your Pup Needs It

Don't worry about your pup ever going hungry or thirsty with playTach food and water dispenser

The solution that
your business can rely on


Easy Install

Connects to your current dog crate

Fill Food and Water

Load your playTach with food and water for your pup to enjoy

Download the mobile app

Connect your playTach to your mobile app

Love Your Pup On The Go

Give your pup love on the go, no matter where you are